|||Characterisation of sugars for the food industry
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Characterisation of sugars for the food industry


The food industry are using a broad range of different sugars with various properties depending on purpose and just as for pharmaceutical APIs and excipients it is of vital importance that a robust quality of food ingredients can be produced. In this case a customer desired to investigate the hydration and dehydration of a specific sugar and the related influence on polymorphism.


Using a cost-efficient set up involving GVS, TGA and XRPD analyses in combination with studying samples after vacuum drying and after storage at various relative humidity we could within just a few days provide the customer with a complete knowledge on the hydration/dehydration properties and impact on polymorphism.

It should be mentioned that Adroit Science also offer in-depth studies using a state of the art various-RH XRPD instrument set-up. However, in this case the above described study was more cost-effective for the customer at the same time as it secured that all desired information should be generated. Within Adroit Science, we always engage in proposing the most cost-effective but appropriate study regarding desired knowledge-building for our customers.


The customer was provided with a complete picture of the hydration/dehydration behaviour of a sugar and related impact on polymorphism. The turnaround time was just a few days and the customer was happy for the efforts to minimise the cost.