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Customer Value

We have a pronounced customer focus and work according to our three principles:

  1. Added Value – rather than providing just a set of “black box” data or results, we will take advantage of our comprehensive experience in the field and provide the knowledge derived from the data. Together with the customer we tailor-make the investigations, targeting the actual needs, and design a delivery that will make a true difference.
  2. Communication – we consider it to be of utmost importance with timely delivery of relevant reports and status updates according to agreed schedule. We deliver accessible information and take pride in accurate understanding of your actual needs.
  3. Quality – from our experience in all phases of drug development we fully understand the varying quality and timelines demands all the way from early drug discovery phase to regulatory submissions. Our response to your request is individually optimized no matter if it is a 24h fast turnaround service or a phase III submission consultation.