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Adroit Science is member of MVIC AB, Medicon Valley inhalation Consortium, a group of companies in the The Öresund Region that have a world class expertise in the inhalation area. MVIC works to globally promote Medicon Valley besides being one of Europe’s strongest life science clusters, as an international center of inhalation competence and to offer a comprehensive set of world class services.

EMMACE Consulting AB performs inhaler testing according to standard pharmacopoeia methods and/or according to more in-vivo like methods (anatomical throat models and lung simulators). Their scientist are specialised in analytical methodology, and are experts in particle size measurement of inhalation products especially by impaction methods.


Recipharm offers best in class one stop services, from medicinal chemistry and custom synthesis all the way to commercial manufacturing services of pharmaceuticals in various dosage forms. Development services including among others preclinical synthesis, formulation development, analytical chemistry and production of clinical trial material including API, drug product and GLP bioanalytics. Recipharm manufactures more than 400 different products to customers ranging from smaller research- and development companies to Big Pharma.


Galenica supports and guides our partners in their pharmaceutical development programmes. We are experts at pharmaceutical and analytical development and production of Clinical Trial Material (CTM) for Phase I – III. Galenica also manufactures commercially niched products for the market. Galenica is authorized and audited by the Swedish Medical Product Agency for the cGMP production of Clinical Trial Material. We welcome you to visit our site for audits or to discuss your project needs.

Based on competence and long-standing experience, Red Glead Discovery offers first-rate research services for drug discovery. In-house laboratory capabilities comprise medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis of small molecules and peptides, biology, analytical chemistry and ADME. An expert area is generation of chemical starting points for drug targets and to develop them into patentable lead compounds with drug-like properties and low risk profile. Our project management skills and cross-disciplinary capabilities make us a preferred partner for clients that want to develop compounds with high potential to become successful drugs.

Truly Translational

Truly Translational Sweden AB provides drug development consultancy with an emphasis on translational science. To ensure our customer´s preclinical project ideas are translated into successful clinical development, we offer services in three main areas: 1) strategic planning, 2) pre-clinical pharmacology, 3) biomarkers in animal and man.

Academical Partners

Adroit Science collaborates with a range of suitable academical partners with the aim to develop a network of skills that ensures that Adroit Science always is up-to-date regarding science and technology development. Examples of contacts included in this network are Prof Jukka Rantanen and Prof Thomas Rades at the University of Copenhagen, Prof Sven Lidin and Prof Stefan Ulvenlund at the University of Lund and Prof Paul Hodgkinson, Dr David Berry and Dr Katherine Fucke at the University of Durham.