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Dry Powder Inhalation Support

A special case of solid dosage administration is using the inhaled route, which is quite different from other areas and with a potential to provide several beneficial properties depending on the target in question. On the other hand, the specific demands on the drug itself or the formulation, e.g. particle size and deaggregation properties, certainly call for exceptional skills. Also, the fact that the selection of useful excipients is strictly limited may make dry powder a more challenging way forward from a drug product point of view than traditional tablet administration.

The scientist at Adroit science have a comprehensive experience and competence within the dry powder inhalation field from many years of progressing inhalation projects, all the way to market, from a solid state point of view. We can make a real difference when it comes to critical aspects like the special characterization demands or formulation challenges that necessarily will occur. Additionally, we can provide perceptive protocols for improved handling of actual processing steps like micronisation where we also offer actual hands on fluidized jet mill micronisation in small scale (2,5”). Last but not least we have a long experience, including patented inventions, regarding the post micronisation handling intended to improve powder properties. We can both design processes and provide equipment (PowdeCCTM system) intended to actively regain full crystallinity post processing and thus minimizing inherent issues like poor chemical stability and/or deaggregation.

On-going development of a micronisation process for a customer compound.