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Excipient Compatibility Screening

Especially within oral solid dosage forms there are numerous different excipients that may be selected for a given compound, providing the desired features of your formulation. However, it is far from trivial to realize which of the possible compound combinations that represent a safe way forward in terms of chemical compatibility and/or physical stability. Consequently, it is important to carefully evaluate the potential of different excipients, preferably using stability studies even if they are unpleasantly time, resource and substance demanding.

Within Adroit Science we offer a rapid and economical screening service where the compatibility between selected excipients and the compound of interest can be evaluated within a few days. The outcome will clearly reveal which excipients that should be deselected from further development work and consequently allow for a dedicated formulation work focusing only on more relevant excipients right from the start. This technology, as based on ultra-sensitive microcalorimetry, is also very well suited to evaluate physical stability under different conditions.