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Particle Characterization

Solid materials frequently exist as powders, at least at some stage in the manufacturing process and sometimes even as the final product. Even if the behavior of a given powder to a large extent depends on fundamental solid state properties it is often difficult to predict powder properties only from these – especially for smaller particle sizes – and hence there will be a need for complementary evaluation by specific analytical tools. There is also often a need to evaluate results of specific processing, for instance particle size reductions like milling, to get the parameters of a well-controlled and robust process which will give the optimum material for consecutive processing steps.

Adroit Science can offer characterization of important fundamental powder properties like particle size distribution, particle shape, specific surface area as well as true density. These results, together with our complementary solid state characterization and extensive experience of handling and characterizing even micron sized powders (jet mill micronized) for dry powder inhalation, will provide you with results and professional guidance that will make a difference.