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Material Understanding


A thorough understanding of inherent solid state properties of a given material, compound or just a specific batch, is key to successful final outcome of any development project. The results from general Solid State Characterization are the foundation to base decisions on e.g. handling conditions, process possibilities or perhaps to initiate a search for a better solid form.

The origin to many beneficial or unfavorable features in a solid material are usually to be found in the way the molecules pack in the crystal. Consequently, the determination of the Crystal Structure can provide a detailed understanding of the potential issue and indicate the relevant way forward. Additionally, the crystal structures are very useful in patent applications and/or physical purity determinations.

Frequently, the identified inherent properties of a crystalline material changes dramatically when the ordered structure is disturbed, i.e. becoming (partially) amorphous. Even small amount of Amorphous Content can be devastating and it is of utmost importance to be able to detect and quantify even minute amounts of amorphicity present.

The root cause of many identified issues during handling, manufacturing or processing can frequently be derived to solid state aspects. By applying a comprehensive solid state experience and competence it is frequently possible to make a true difference in general “Trouble Shooting”.