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Solid State Characterization

In order to make intelligent choices for key items like processing, formulation development or packaging and storage, it is vital to:

  • understand the inherent properties of your material
  • understand how formulation, processing and exposure to various temperature and humidity conditions impacts on your material.

Based on perceptive solid state characterization, this understanding will make you able to e.g. select the appropriate manufacturing process, the optimal excipients and adequate conditions during the development work. This is true for pharmaceutical formulations all the way from early toxicological studies to the final commercial product.
Adroit Science has state of the art experimental and analytical tools to perform all types of relevant characterization work. Also, and perhaps even more important, a genuine hands on experience of the impact that specific features will have for the project. We offer not only all necessary data but also competent interpretation and guiding of the best way forward. Examples of key fundamental characteristics that can be provided are; degree of crystallinity, polymorph purity, transition temperatures, thermal behavior, humidity interaction, glass transition temperature, physical stability and much more.