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Trouble shooting

What is the best way to remove residual solvents from my manufactured compound? Why does a specific degradation take place only at very specific conditions? How can I modify my process in order to decrease or even eliminate sticking to the processing equipment? These are just a few, but very important, examples where a solid state based approach has made the difference. A comprehensive characterization and understanding of the solid state features of a given compound or formulation, combined with a holistic experience based know how, is the recommended primary step to explore when facing extraordinary project issues. Very often the key to solving challenging problems lies completely, or at least partly, within the solid state aspects.

Adroit Science solid state specialists have a long experience from solving “impossible” challenges, or to provide relevant consultant advices, from many years of working within “big pharma”. Our capability and attained track record covers the whole range from early preclinical issues regarding pure substances or excipients, to complex processing or formulation steps. In combination, with our professional academic partners and specialized networking companies we can offer a holistic view on the problems at hand, delivering relevant and useful suggestions in close collaborations with our customer.