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Crystallization Support

Unless there is a strong biopharmaceutical driver for the amorphous phase, e.g. high solubility and/or fast dissolution, the crystalline state is with no doubt the preferred form. The properties of a crystalline compound is significantly different from that of an amorphous one and it is vital to perform also the early phase investigation on the representative form in order to avoid serious misinterpretations. The actual crystallization process is however far from trivial and many new compounds are very reluctant to start forming crystals when synthesized.

Adroit science has a long experience from persuading also “impossible” molecules to crystallize out. By applying a fruitful combination of practical know how, theoretical understanding and innovative technical approaches (including our “Crystallizer” – see also under key technologies) we can offer direct support and/or consultancy service in this area. Integrated in our small scale approach is not only traditional solvent based methodology but we perform also complementary investigations, based on alternative technologies, and thus significantly increase the success rate of providing you with seeds or a manufacturing protocol.