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Polymorph Screening and Selection

For most crystalline compounds the molecules are able to pack in different ways and then forming material with the same chemical constituents but with different crystal structures, i.e. polymorphs. The phenomenon is called “polymorphism” and it is well known that different polymorphs can vary in critical characteristics that influence on for example processability and bioavailability. If such variations are not understood and controlled, it can lead to unnecessary problems related to the possibilities to develop a robust and safe product with intended efficacy.

Adroit Science has expert knowledge in polymorph screening and selection but also in troubleshooting related to polymorphism. From numerous successful drug projects, taken all the way to market, the scientists within Adroit Science have developed state of the art methodology to explore the experimental space as well as to characterize the produced polymorphs in a relevant way. Performance of a thermodynamic ranking of the relative stability of the identified polymorphs together with recommendations of the best way forward is a natural part of our service.