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Salt Screening and Selection

The solid form of a given substance, and the inherent properties that comes with it, will have a profound impact in several key areas like bioavailability, processability and physical/chemical stability. Fundamental properties like solubility, melting temperature or the presence of channels/voids in the crystal structure (just to mention a few) can dramatically influence on the chances for a successful pharmaceutical development work. Therefore it is of utmost importance to perform adequate screening of salt forming counter ions in due time and eventually also perform an optimum selection of final form for development.
Adroit Science has the necessary technologies to perform these studies, but even more important, we also have the relevant experience/competence to make a real difference. We will together with the customer tailor-make a target profile for the desired solid state properties and screen for best possible match. We also provide guidance on a relevant development approach based on the eventually obtained properties, considering the desired product profile of the actual project.